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Real Estate done right - no surprises here!
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This is what we do....
We are a full service real estate company
Residential Listings
We will list and sell your property, and that means
a thorough market analysis, capable marketing, and
most important, attention to detail and follow-up all
the way to closing.
Property Management
Wow, strangers living in your property! We'll find the right strangers, check them out completely, make sure they pay the rent on time, and we'll keep an eye on 'em. Plus, we manage your maintenance and repairs, and re-decorating and cleaning when necessary, not to mention the kind of record keeping that will make your tax accountant smile.
Helping Buyers find homes
They say for every boy and girl there's just one house in this old world and.....OK, that's not really
how the song goes, but it is important to work with someone who really wants to help you find just
the right property. Homes, rental/investment properties, vacant land, and sometimes even a place
to park your business or store your stuff. We can help.
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Here's a cute home in the Avonlea
subdivision. In our area, homes similar to this might rent for $1,300 or so, currently....