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Here are a few facts concerning this part of the world. It's a great place to live, with good schools,
a wide variety of entertainment, lots of shopping opportunities, fine medical services, and, of course terrific homes.
Here are just the basics about the area. You'll find all the details on our "spiffy links" page; information about schools, shopping, each of the nearby cities, government, entertainment.

What's in the immediate area: Olympia and Lacey and Tumwater are the three main communities, all wrapped together geographically here in Thurston County. Olympia, of course, is the Capitol of Washington, although both Lacey and Tumwater have a fair number of government offices and departments within their borders.

Each of the communities has it's own distinctive personality - hard to believe when you look at the map. Geographically, it looks a lot like "conjoined triplets". Populations for the three major cities, and the county, are approximately as follows:

Olympia 44,800
Lacey 38,040
Tumwater 13,780
Thurston County 245.300 (All figures est. for 2008. based on 2000 census numbers)

Outside the three major cities, are smaller communities like Rochester, Tenino, Yelm, Bucoda and Grand Mound. And a large portion of Thurston County is taken up by parts of the Ft. Lewis military reservation, now known as Joint Base Lewis McChord, or just JBLM.

If you're looking for some "big city" experience, head north or south. North is Tacoma, and a little further is Seattle. Both of these areas have a lot to recommend them, but for the most part, I subscribe to the "great place to visit, but I wouldn't prefer to live there"; when it comes to the really large cities. South is Portland, OR. Another fun place to visit.

Our local weather is known for dampness. Just over 50 inches of rain, but very litle snow, on average - 3-4" per year. It's a great area. Check out the links on our Spiffy Links page.
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